Digital LED Poster Display

The Maxcolor LED indoor LED poster is a modular and modular LED display, for advertising communication in closed spaces.It supports WIFI, USB, HDMI and network cable connection. Users can use a computer or smartphone to manage the upload of content. The LED display lends itself to being connected to other units to reproduce videos, images and text […]

The Maxcolor LED indoor LED poster is a modular and modular LED display, for advertising communication in closed spaces.It supports WIFI, USB, HDMI and network cable connection. Users can use a computer or smartphone to manage the upload of content. The LED display lends itself to being connected to other units to reproduce videos, images and text on a single large screen.

LED poster features:

  • 652mmx1936mm display size design, black metal frame protection
  • Lightweight and ultra-thin fashion design, perfect for ad playback control.
  • LED screen has the advantages of the high refresh, high brightness, high contrast of color, and better playback.
  • Support U disk playback media, stored program files can be played in a loop.
  • Support WIFI, LAN, HDMI, or U disk for maintenance and update of programs.
  • Support cluster play and management, agree that the cluster mirror screen can agree to design and update programs, saving time and effort.
  • The cabinet structure is designed with a modular frame and a metal body for easy installation, disassembly, and maintenance
  • The led screen front is protected by a high hardness transparent plate.

MaxcolorLED Indoor LED display poster: flexible and user-friendly

It has a built-in synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode media player to achieve real-time zoom in/zoom out without a video processor.

It has 8GB of internal memory and supports expansion via USB. So there is no memory limit!

It can be used individually. However, it can be connected to other units to play video, pictures and text on one large screen.

Maxcolor LED poster advertising screen 5

Maxcolor LED poster advertising screen


Ultra-thin Frame

In addition to on-floor standing, the MaxcolorLED Indoor LED display poster also supports other ways of installation:

  • Wall mounted
  • In suspension
  • In creative compositions

Our LED display can be mounted vertically but also horizontally to meet any need.


Light & Easy to Move

MaxcolorLED LED display poster is incredibly light while maintaining the criteria of solidity and wear resistance that are fundamental for MaxcolorLED.

Thanks to the wheels inserted in the base, even one person can move it easily.

In addition to weight, MaxcolorLED also wanted to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum: MaxcolorLED indoor LED display poster has a slim frame with a thickness of only 50 mm. Furthermore, the ultra-thin frame ensures that the gap between the indoor LED poster is almost invisible after joining multiple units.

Maxcolor LED poster advertising screen 2

Maxcolor LED poster advertising screen 2

The whole screen has obtained CE and ROHS certificates and passed the FCC test.


Indoor LED poster Wide Applicability

Since the MaxcolorLED indoor LED poster is the technological alternative to traditional roll-ups and banners, it can find its use in shops, shopping centres, exhibitions, fairs, events, restaurants, hotels, bars and schools.

LED advertising screen case

LED advertising screen case

Our LED poster are in stock


in different pixel pitches (P1.53,P1.86,P2,P2.5, ) e

Contact us to receive advice and information on which model is best suited for you!


All In One Flexible Foldable LED Poster Display Screen

All In One Flexible Foldable LED Poster Display Screen


All In One Flexible Foldable LED Poster Display Screen

Foldable LED display screen that  can put-in one airflight box, ideal for temporary advertisement and festivity.

-All-in-one 360°foldable led screen
No need extral structure to achieve quick installation

-Quick installation
single person takes 5mins to build one set screen by 3 steps.

-Power supply and screen body separate design
Independent power supply heat dissipation is good to extend LED’s life span



Module Design

360° or 180° foldable




Built-in DC motor. multiple controls One key lift without manual disassembly Remote distance up to 100 meters


Dual PIN cable connectors design

1.Soldering PlN connector (Standard)

2.Plug-in PIN Connector(Backup)

  • Special soldering and plug-in dual connectors design.
  • module’s power and signal cable are two in one.
  • Soldering PIN connector is for stable performance.
  • backup plug-in PIN connector is for quick replacement of faulty module.

Unlimited Seamless Splicing

It solves the visual defects of the large-screen picture being segmented and presents a large and complete image.and can be infinitely spliced horizontally to meet the needs of various occasions.



Excellent Visual Display and High Refresh Rate

Maxcolor All In One Flexible Foldable LED Display Screen uses high-quality National LED to ensure High Refresh Rate and High Contrast Ratio.The refresh rate is up to 4000Hz with high difinition with 5000:1.Moreover, High Brightness provides viewers with perfect display effect.




All In One Flexible Foldable LED Poster Display Screen Application

Indoor LED Poster Screen

Indoor LED Poster Screen

LED Poster Display

Recently LED poster display has the feature of Lightweight, Slim Appearance, frameless design, easy operation, easy placement, movable, Attractive Visual Display and easy operation via Network or USB, etc. It is becoming more and more popular in the LED display market.
Maxcolor launches LED Poster Screen after years of development to different applications including shopping malls, showrooms, exhibitions and so on.

Ultra-Thin Design

The kind of LED poster screen is specially designed to be lightweight, and the cabinet frame and LED parts focus on reliability and portability.
Most slim and light weight design make the product easy to move and suitable for use in narrow space.
One Person Job, Easy Transport, save labor cost & time.

Totally Seamless Splicing

Maxcolor LED Poster Screen is designed with quick connectors, and can be connected with other screens to form a large one seamlessly to play as one big screen,offering seamless display performance for better visual effect.

Interface Multiple

Maxcolor LED poster Screen supports Synchronous & Asynchronous control methods, multiple Internet connections, multiple signal inputs.

  • Support Real-time Play, Cross-platform Publish, and USB or WIFI.
  • Support operation by IOS or Android devices.
  • Support Built-in Media Player to store and play content.

LED Poster Display application

City Tech:Street Pole LED Display,LED Advertising Sign Poster

City Tech:Street Pole LED Display,LED Advertising Sign Poster

At present, the construction of smart city in the world has been rapidly improving, entering the outbreak period. Smart city is a comprehensive system integrating informatization, networking and digitalization. Also LED display industry can not miss the opportunity. In the face of such a strong development trend, outdoor LED advertising machine has also become the focus of the market, attracting major enterprises to compete in the market.

Outdoor front Maintenance LED screen snap joint 200X200 LED module series

Outdoor front Maintenance LED screen snap joint 200X200 LED module series


As the current communication channel of new media, outdoor street Pole LED advertising Display is currently based on network technology, which can effectively improve the penetration rate of information, break the barriers of traditional information dissemination, and achieve data information sharing and scene linkage. Occupying a mainstream market position, it has become a beautiful landscape for advertising, and its role in the transformation of urban informatization cannot be underestimated. The application industry of outdoor street Pole LED advertising Display is extremely wide. LED advertising displays can be seen in retail, hotel, finance, transportation, etc., from life to technology. It not only meets the current needs of smart city and digital city construction, but also plays a leading role in information dissemination in the field of smart applications.

Street Pole LED Display /LED poster screen application

Street Pole LED Display /LED poster screen application

With the continuous improvement and update of intelligent LED advertising displays screen technology, products and solutions, various smart city display terminal applications are becoming more and more common. Consumers pay more attention to quality and sense of experience, so brand building and development is the focus of manufacturers. Consumption upgrade drives quality upgrade, and consumers have higher and higher requirements for products and services, so it is particularly important to personalized products and users’ sense of experience.

Therefore, in order to improve the development of LED poster advertising Displays on the road to smart city construction. Under this kind of demand, Maxcolor focuses on products and users, and invests a lot of human, material and financial resources to launch an LED poster advertising Displays with a new design and new technology. The appearance of the product is redesigned to make installation and maintenance more convenient and faster, and more efficient battery modules are used to reduce power consumption and save energy. Using self-developed LED modules, it is more high-definition and bright. With the function of remote cluster control, it can be controlled through WIFI, 5G, cloud platform, and mobile phone applications. Really realize the intelligence of outdoor LED advertising machine.

The construction of smart city has brought new market and demand to LED poster advertising Displays, and LED poster advertising Displays has added a new color to the construction of smart city. They complement each other and achieve win-win cooperation.

Top 3 Creative Retail Digital LED Signage to Boost Your Brand

Top 3 Creative Retail Digital LED Signage to Boost Your Brand

The retail industry is highly competitive. To drive walk-in traffic, retail store owners are competing to capture attention. Today, retailers are adopting technology in their businesses. Digital signage is one of the popular choices among retailers. It is an effective tool in relaying relevant and engaging messages to the target audience. It is said that creative digital signages get more views and a higher recall rate when compared to traditional displays.

In this article, our guide will help you navigate the world of digital signage, from serving customers to promoting products and making the right buying decision for your business.

In the grocery sector, where product visibility and customer engagement are paramount, leveraging digital signage effectively can significantly enhance your store’s appeal and customer satisfaction.

Four Benefits Of Creative Digital Signage Retail

1. Increase Purchasing Decisions

When it comes to making a purchase decision, sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. For example, a perfectly placed item next to the till, a sign that catches your eye, or even some relevant information can sway a customer one way or the other.

This is where digital signage for retail comes in.

Retail digital signage can increase purchasing decisions by serving up relevant information at just the right time. For example, imagine you’re in a clothing store looking at a sweater.

A digital screen next to it shows you all the information about where the material comes from, how it’s ethically sourced, and what it feels like to wear. This kind of information could be the deciding factor in whether you make the purchase or not.

But it’s not just about the information. Digital signage can also provide entertainment and engage customers in a way that static displays simply can’t. Moving images and social media presence can draw more customers in and keep them entertained longer.

In the competitive world of retail, major players like Walmart are leveraging digital signage to enhance the shopping experience and drive sales.


Maxcolor LED display poster

Maxcolor LED display poster


2. Gain More Sales

Digital signage can be a powerful tool to increase sales and direct customers toward specific products or areas in your store.

By providing wayfinding information, emergency alerts, and upselling opportunities, digital signs empower customers to take control of their shopping experience. And with the ability to update signage in seconds, visual merchandising teams can stay happy and keep up with the latest trends.

Using dynamic QR codes generated with a QR code generator, digital signs can connect customers with online engagement and purchasing opportunities, providing a seamless omnichannel experience.

And with the right content strategy, engaging media-rich content can draw in more customers and increase foot traffic to your store.

Investing in digital signage software and interactive displays can provide a better experience for your customers and gain more sales without additional staff costs. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!


晶膜屏 2

Glass Transparent Screen


3. Make Products More Available

Digital screens are not just for advertising; they can also be used to make products more available to shoppers. By utilizing interactive digital signage, retailers can catalog their products in real-time and respond to changing consumer needs.

This can be done by displaying the availability of specific products based on the current demand or by showcasing new products to customers. By using retailers can also provide customers with a clear view of their offerings, which makes the shopping experience more seamless and helps increase sales.

With digital signage, retailers can also meet customers’ needs in real-time. For example, they can switch the playlist on their media player to feature rainwear if it’s raining outside. This way, customers know what they need to grab before heading out into the rain.

Similarly, if there’s a sudden heat wave, retailers can show that they still have an abundance of summer wear available. Retailers can also use digital signage to display the number of exclusive products they have left, which creates a sense of urgency and increases demand.

4. Improve Internal Communications

Digital signage is not just for customers; it can also be an effective tool for improving internal communications with staff. But, let’s face it, how many employees read those lengthy health and safety manuals?

Digital screens provide an easier way to relay important information in key areas where employees gather, such as break rooms, staff areas, and store rooms. Instead of reading a printed leaflet or a shouty email, employees can absorb information through ambient content displayed on digital screens in a more relaxed setting.

Repetition is critical to retaining information, and digital signage provides a platform to repeat important messages. Furthermore, digital signage ensures staff members are not faced with outdated signs or notices pinned to the staff board.

They become more receptive to it when they know that they’re only served relevant and timely information. Digital signage is a win-win situation for both customers and staff members.


Top 3 Retail Digital Signage

1. Magic Cube LED Display Sign

Magic cube LED screen can be used as Advertising or information Publishment at Company LOGO Wall, Art Gallery, Exhibition, Chain Store, Airport, High-End Club, Restaurant&Hotel, Shopping Mall, Subway, etc.

The high resolution creates a unique visual effect. HD performance for both effects and dynamic video show.The Cube LED sign has the advantages of a lightweight, good wind resistance, easy installation, waterproof performance. Smart modular design secures the fixing of panels and easy removal. No need frame for installation, no professional installation is required.


cube led display

cube led display




2.Digital LED Poster Screen

A LED poster display, is a freestanding screen used to present captivating videos and images both indoors and outdoors, including in retail stores, shopping malls. event, exhibitions etc. The indoor LED poster is also called an LED poster mirror or mirror LED screen sometimes. It is versatile as it could be an independent smart LED poster or connect up to 10 LED posters together to be a giant LED video wall to display your stunning content, The LED poster displays allow freestanding,wall-mounting, hanging, and you can even add your personality by creative splicing.

These LED posters are seamless, lightweight, portable, and user-friendly. You are able to present any content in different formats with simple clicks. These features make them ideal devices for advertising, saving your maintenance costs for replacement.LED poster displays will benefit your advertising campaigns in a modern and dynamic way.


maxcolor LED poster

maxcolor LED poster


3.Shelf LED Screen

Shelf led display screen uesd on supermarker shelves or retail shelves.Shelf led display screen can show picture,music,video and pirce that you want shows.Compared to traditional advertising,Shelf led display screen can display product information more vividly and leave a deep impression on customers.Shelf led display screen can save labor cost and time,help you save more money to buy other useful products.Shelf led display screen liberates paper and trees and makes nature more environmentally friendly.


Maxcolor LED Shelf Edge Led Display application

Maxcolor LED Shelf Edge Led Display application



MaxcolorLED understand the importance of providing high-quality digital signage solutions to meet the unique needs of each retailer. With our expertise and customer testimonials, we’re confident that we can hel

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