Our Services

Our mission is to provide a reliable and sustainable platform for digital communications and content development underpinned by class-leading research and development

Communication Programming

We develop and produce attractive content, designed to be optimized across all digital platforms


We foster brand awareness through various online and digital channels; by providing promotional content using mediums such as social media, blogs and more to deliver advertisement and messages to audiences

Digital Media

Our media platforms provide seamless, intuitive and satisfying experiences on the market

Research &

We provide market analysis in understanding your competitors, consumer behaviour and market trends; in developing the right products/services using SEO & Google Analytics and social media


We create engaging, consistent and diverse content designed to promote brand awareness by cultivating conversation around your brand

Social Media

We will help you create a social media strategic plan that is tailored to meet your goals while utilizing important metrics and KPIs in understanding your target audience

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About Us

We’re a dynamic team of creatives laser focused on innovations in digital communications

We are a boutique firm offering digital media and content development based in Toronto, ON, Calgary, AB and Jamaica. We provide strategic content development for the retail and e-commerce industries through social media and traditional media platforms. Our purpose is to improve marketing development for enterprises via digital media and both unconventional and traditional media outlets.

Our vision is to be the best provider of 3D visual and digital media offered around our core values of white-glove customer service and respect for individuals and the environment.

What we do

  • 3D animation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategic Social Media Planning
  • Focus Group Marketing
  • Market Research and Analysis

We have everything you need to manage your digital content, marketing, and communication needs.

OMEE Digital is your one-stop-shop for 3D visual and digital media across all platforms, both traditional and digital. Our platforms are sure to help you build your brand and get it noticed. That's what we do.

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