49 Inch Floor Standing Totem

Product features: ●Ultra thin and ultra light design, easy to use and beautiful ●High resolution, high contrast, high brightness, great improvement of the picture level, and better performance of details ●Having automatic afterimage elimination function, protect the long-term use of LCD screen ●It has a black level extension adaptive function to enhance the deep sense […]

Product features:

Ultra thin and ultra light design, easy to use and beautiful

High resolution, high contrast, high brightness, great improvement of the picture level, and better performance of details

Having automatic afterimage elimination function, protect the long-term use of LCD screen

It has a black level extension adaptive function to enhance the deep sense of image scene

Using the professional LCD screen, the video image is brighter and the three-dimensional sense is stronger.

16.7M color, the picture is more natural, the delicate picture is really not tailed

With intelligent temperature control, it has high reliability and good stability, and is especially suitable for working in bad environment.

Ultra long life, 7*24 hours uninterrupted work, up to more than 60 thousand hours


1. Q: Where can Floor Stand lcd Totem be used?

A: Various types of electronic signs are used every day outdoors and indoors, such as traffic systems, bus stops, hospitals, museums, exhibition halls, company meeting rooms, stores, hotels, restaurants, etc.

2.Q: What are the size specifications of the lcd Totem?

A: There are a large number of sizes available to support customization, 32 inch-98 inch is no problem

3. Q: Can the lcd Totem have a separate operating system?

A: The lcd Totem comes with a customized operating system, you can choose your preferred operating system from Windows, Android. This way, you will provide your customers with an enjoyable user experience based on their interests.

4. Q: What are the style types of lcd Totem?

A: a: Indoor standard/touch screen model
b: Outdoor standard/touch screen
c:Semi-outdoor standard
d:Double-sided standard/touch screen model
e:Slim double screen standard model

5.Q: Does the lcd Totem also support external storage?

A: Yes, you can insert external memory via USB, HDD and SSD.


49 inch Floor Stand Totem

● High quality tempered screens
VETO offers a high quality screen with tempered glass. The strong, scratch-resistant, dustproof and waterproof screen provides a great experience. In addition, it can also be upgraded from 1080P to 2K or 4K for clearer images. Usually LCD digital advertising display players are designed with different temperature, sun, water, lightning and wind resistance levels for indoor and outdoor environments, and the peak brightness reaches 1500-2000cd/㎡.

● Operating System
VETO interactive touch screen LCD display series are equipped with customized OS, allowing you to choose your favorite OS among Windows, Android, or even Linux.

● Screen size and housing
You should always choose the right touch screen size based on your space conditions, device applications, user experience, and budget. veto has designed various screen sizes with various shapes of enclosures to meet your needs. Of all the sizes, the most common screen sizes are 32, 43, 49 and 55 inches.

● Device Enclosure
VETO has the ability to custom design its own device enclosures. The material and design of the enclosure is an important factor in providing the possibility of use in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

●Convenient operation
You can display your content in two ways: by remote control with wireless connection or by USB playback.

●Multiple configurations
You can choose among various levels of configurations depending on your budget. There are different levels of processors, from dual-core to multi-core. There are multiple Android OS versions. In addition, VETO lets you choose your favorite operating system among Android, Windows, and even Linux.

● 24/7 usage
VETO digital signage devices are built for 24/7 commercial use with stable performance and uninterrupted operation.

● Wide Viewing Angle
Unlike traditional display surfaces that cannot be viewed at 178 degrees (left and right), VETO LCD display gives you a wide viewing angle, maintaining display brightness and contrast.

●Eco-friendly power timer
The Eco Power Timer allows you to assign hourly, daily, or weekly on/off times to your screen. With this feature, you can reduce energy consumption.

● Storage
As the size of high quality media files continues to increase, VETO provides them with large capacity through internal and external storage. In addition to internal storage ranging from 512MB to 2GB, external storage can be inserted via USB, HDD and SSD.

● Centralized endpoint management
A cloud-based system that provides real-time control, enabling operators to remotely manage content, display schedules and other functions.

● Multiple Inputs
Powerful interfaces support a wide range of audio and video inputs such as SD cards and USB flash memory and outputs such as HDMI/VGA/DVI/USB.

● Lifetime technical support
VETO has more than 40 after-sales customer service, technicians, and engineers to help solve any problems that may arise during the life cycle of the monitor and highly value the suggestions made by customers. And we provide the most suitable solution for each customer.

● 3-year warranty
VETO offers a 3-year warranty on all products with technical problems in your display system. The warranty covers failures caused by defective parts, materials or manufacturing. A device is considered defective if it fails to perform the functions described in the operating manual, technical specifications or any other similar document accompanying the device and the failure is due to internal characteristics of the device.

Functional features:

By adopting the mainstream Android chip, integrating PowerVRTMSGX544MP graphics processing unit, it has strong video processing ability, and it can be compatible with most of the video formats and decoding capabilities.

With 2G RAM and 8G ROM, the performance is strong.

Super strong decoding supports most video formats, such as MPG, MPG-1/4, AVI, MP4, TS, MKV, RMVB, MP3, wma, JPEG, BMP and so on

Rich interface: support SD card, USB2.0 hard disk, U disk

Strong digital audio power amplifier, high fidelity audio decoding, strong 2x 5W high fidelity sound box horn, perfect restore multimedia sound

 complete function: support screen playback, video screens, rolling subtitles, timer switch, USB data import function.

Easy management: a humanized playlist software to facilitate the management and control of advertising. It is easy to understand the playback situation by playing the log.

Diversify the way of use: it can be released online in the background, it can update the U disk from the background, or it can be produced directly, without background update.

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